Project Description

Our client already runs a care and nursing company and from the very beginning had a firm vision of what the end result of this project would offer. We’ve been involved since the initial planning stage and worked closely and tirelessly to deliver this project on time and on budget.

Originally a school this project wasn’t without it’s complications from the offset. Typically, this building was maintained and generally in good fettle, but beneath the surface posed some problems. The building contained asbestos materials which had to be removed prior to any building works commencing and drainage was also an issue. The work around for this involved raising the floor by 225mm this also enabled us to install more insulation and an underfloor heating system.

Because the rest of the building is occupied by other businesses and a nursery this new unit had to be self contained within this building to protect both the other building users and the users of the new respite facility from any fire hazards which may arise. This was also beneficial as the new unit is completely self sufficient. Heating and storing it’s own water supply and totally independent electrical system should the worst occur this unit can continue to function without a problem.

This new respite unit has an overall footprint just shy of 400M2 and was a huge undertaking. Due to the buildings nature and occupancy we worked throughout the week and facilitated deliveries and the loading of materials into the building over the weekends.

This building incorporates: 10 X Bedrooms with ensuite facility, large bathroom, treatment room, quiet room, lounge and dining facilities.


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